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Are rising cloud costs causing concern?

If you're a tech leader relying on public cloud services, chances are, that's a yes. Let's dive into the current state of the cloud market for a minute. 


The widespread adoption of public cloud services has undeniably transformed how we consume technology, bringing significant benefits to organizations.  However, it has also posed challenges for businesses, forcing a reevaluation of long-term strategies to ensure optimal outcomes.

At t2BEXPERTS, powered by Bridgepointe one of our primary responsibilities involves staying at the forefront of real-time market dynamics across several tech lanes, including cloud.  The US data center market is approaching full capacity, yet demand continues to skyrocket, accompanied by power constraints, supply chain issues, and escalating costs.  Moreover, disruptive factors such as AI, big data, security concerns, mega-watt demands, and liquid cooling add complexity to the landscape.

In this context, the need for agnostic and unbiased cloud consultation has never been more critical. Going solo exposes companies to vendor and strategy biases.  As an example, some organizations committed entirely to the public cloud now grapple with significant year-over-year cost increases, highlighting the challenges of altering strategies post-implementation.  This situation has led to a growing discussion around concepts like repatriation and hybrid cloud solutions.

That’s exactly where we come in…

With a wealth of experience over decades of successfully completing over 1200 cloud and data center projects, our team is well-equipped to provide agnostic guidance in determining your optimal strategy.  We are committed to assisting you in evaluating all facets of planning, including interconnection, latency, applications, workloads, procurement, deployment, migrations, cloud dependencies, and ongoing optimization.  Our expertise extends to implementing robust cost-control and on-going optimization measures to ensure your project's success.

Considering cloud migrations, expansion, FinOps, data center migrations, or refining your overall strategy?  We invite you to a conversation to explore the benefits of having our expertise on your side.  Let's delve into the possibilities together!

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