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At t2BEXPERTS we’ve simplified the entire technology sourcing process so your business can realize impact faster.


Our clients engage us to:

Evaluate existing solutions coming up for renewal

Evaluate new solutions for the business

After many years of helping clients drive impact quickly, we have fine-tuned a


Powerful Six Step Process



The t2BEXPERTS engagement model is transparent, highly collaborative, and customized to your unique requirements.  Our proven process avoids the pitfalls of traditional sourcing models such as insular decision making, significant internal resource strain, vendor biases and scope limiting choices unintentionally eliminating competition or cutting-edge solutions.  

​ ​​

One of our primary responsibilities is to create a highly competitive environment and deliver optimal solution options across multiple vendors that deliver on our client’s goals.  We guide you through the results, how each vendor maps to your goals, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and provide you the business justification and insight you need to make the best supplier and solution selection for your business.


Our support does not end there, we stay engaged supporting the project to completion and drive overall account stewardship for the long haul.  We become your total lifecycle partner.  

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