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At t2B eXperts, we’ve turned the traditional sourcing model upside down.  Our proven process is transparent and highly collaborative.  We simplify the sourcing process so you can focus on your business and deliver your best!


The t2B expert’s engagement model avoids the pitfalls of traditional sourcing models such as insular decision making, significant internal resource strain, vendor biases and scope limiting choices unintentionally eliminating competition or cutting-edge solutions.  

Whether we engage on a multi-step, multi-phase RFP, or simply provide pricing options across all competitors in the space, we will customize our engagement to meet your specific and unique needs.

The ultimate decision with whom to partner is always yours.  We don't care which vendor you choose, as long as it's the optimal solution, at the best possible value, with the most client favorable terms and conditions that link directly to your underlying objectives and requirements.

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