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How much is inefficiency in technology procurement costing your business?

On average, businesses waste 6,500 hours annually in extra labor on inefficient procurement processes.   The inefficiencies compound when there is more pressure than ever to fight inflation, price erosion, drive savings, and better manage the organizations cash position and costs.  These demands are particularly strong in technology. 

Without EXPERT support, the procurement process is susceptible to vendor bias, scope limiting choices, impulsive selection, or worse, the default option that isn’t the best choice for the business. The ability to adapt to the volatility in the market and monetize it quickly for your organization is critical to success. 

The best way to break out of that cycle is to change the way your organization thinks about technology procurement and optimize the process by leveraging EXPERT support.

Inflation makes price negotiation even more demanding, and therefore a strategically critical skill set in technology evaluations and procurement.  Additionally, achieving optimum success requires real-time knowledge of a marketplace that is changing daily, an “insider” understanding of vendor margin, as well as awareness of the commercial and technical levers available to fully capture value and deliver impact quickly. 


Meanwhile, the IT team’s primary responsibility is to leverage and maintain technology as an enabler to maximize productivity, simplify complex tasks, and support the overall strategic vision of the organization to help propel the business forward.  And that, is a very different and unique skill set.

With those primary responsibilities, coupled with 1000’s of vendors and solutions in the marketplace today, how can we expect IT leaders to not only have the time for thorough technology evaluations, but also be experts in procurement, business justification, and vendor negotiation?

The answer is... we can’t, or at least we shouldn’t. 

At t2BEXPERTS, we help bridge the gap between technology decision making and business results.  By leveraging our proven data driven process, unrivaled insider insight, a team of industry leading solution architects, and real time knowledge of the marketplace, we’ve been helping some of the largest companies evaluate and justify sound technology decisions in network, CX, BPO, cloud, security, and telecom expense management to drive meaningful results quickly.

Let start a conversation to share client stories and explore ways we can act as an extension of your team to help you maximize your lead and win faster!

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