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At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, we are your agnostic resource for all things network.  Whether we simply evaluate existing solutions for optimization opportunities, run a comprehensive RFP, and/or engage our team of Network Transformation Solution Architects to help you redesign a next gen infrastructure, we have all the resources you need to realize impact faster.  


Traditional networks are now being tasked with transitioning to supporting all edges (user, cloud, data center, branch) with a converged, network and security platform, that is easier to deploy and maintain. The traditional approach of siloed or service-chained integration with large capital expenditure (CapEx) and technology sprawl is under scrutiny.

This results in gaps in pervasive security and compliance as well as an inconsistent ability to visualize and administer the enterprise network in full context. Our team will help you assess common trends facing your Network Transformation to help guide current, planned, and future state, and set a course to evolve with trends with a flexible platform for transition.

Reach out today to schedule a no obligation, free assessment to determine what optimization opportunities are available for you.

Network Services

The shift towards using private, public, or hybrid clouds has benefited organizations everywhere, yet has also created inherent challenges around how best to optimize on a long-term strategy that is best for your business.    


At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, our team of agnostic, industry-leading cloud architects are here to help ensure the right strategy to meet your unique needs. 


With over 1200 data center/hybrid cloud projects under our belt, we’ll help you determine the best strategy for your deployment of digital assets, whether it be in a public/private cloud, or in a data center.  Our team will help you consider all aspects of planning, interconnection, latency, applications, workloads, procurement, deployment, migrations, cloud dependencies, and on-going optimization and cost-control protections.  

Our Data Center Practice advisory services include:

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Center Architecture

  • Cloud Transformation and Optimization Consulting

  • Data Center Migration and Installation Services and data destruction or decommissioning

  • Data Center Security and Compliance

  • Professional Services and Staff Augmentation

  • Wholesale and Retail Data Center Site Evaluation

  • Data Center searches utilizing our ten strategic criteria (wholesale & retail)


Reach out today to schedule a no-obligation, free cloud strategy assessment. 

Cloud Svcs & Strategy

Choosing the right platforms for your company can be difficult without in-depth knowledge of what each solution can provide for you.  

t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies will take the guesswork out of CX.  Our team will help you improve your customer and agent experience with every interaction by driving value from your CCaaS and CX investments and guiding you towards the most powerful and cost-efficient solution for your business.

With a portfolio of the world’s leading CCaaS Suppliers, our team will provide a thorough market analysis of the most powerful and cost-effective next-generation Contact Center platforms based on your unique needs.  Whether you are doing a complete migration from a legacy premise-based Cisco, Avaya, or I3 platform to the cloud, or trying to augment your existing Contact Center Platform with Workforce Management, Quality Assurance, AI, or Automation, our CX Solution Architects have the expertise to help you transform your customer and agent experience.


Our CX experts will help you determine the right solution while ensuring you’re meeting today’s business goals and tomorrow’s transformations to stay ahead of the curve of change.

Our CX Solution Architects use our proven Time to Value Model to help you navigate every step of the process including:

  • Audit and assessment of current capabilities.

  • Development of CCaaS needs analysis.

  • Coordination of supplier meetings and tailored demonstrations.

  • Side-by-side supplier score carding.

  • Price benchmarking and negotiation.

  • Implementation and transition.


Reach out today to learn more about our advanced CX strategy, outsourcing, evaluations, procurement, implementation, and managed services.  

CX Hosted Tele
Bus Process Outsource

In a world where companies are looking for ways to streamline their operations, and hiring and retaining good talent has become challenging, more businesses are turning to BPO outsourcing companies.  


Working with an outsourcing partner offers a proven way to enhance customer experience while keeping costs contained and allows your organization to stay ahead of the curve. The right BPO partner can handle many functions efficiently, freeing up internal resources for other priorities and drive cost optimization.  


Selecting the right BPO service provider is a big decision, with many options available.  Whether you are considering BPO for the first time, evaluating your existing relationship, or considering a champion/challenger strategy, t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies has over 50 BPO providers in our portfolio.  Our industry leading team of agnostic CX Solution Architects is here to help you effectively design and vet the right strategy and partner to meet your unique goals and requirements, with no pre-determined solution in mind. 

Reach out today for a no-obligation, free evaluation to determine if there are opportunities to drive more value and impact within your CX strategy.  

At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, we know how mission-critical security is in today’s threat landscape.  Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, bypassing many legacy security solutions.  No organization is safe without a plan to handle every type of potential breach.


It is critical that security is a strategy and not just a product or solution.  The security landscape is overwhelming with nearly 4,000 products and the landscape changes daily.   At t2BEXPERTS, our team of agnostic security solution experts are here to help you design the right strategy and find the right solutions to protect against the growing security threats.


Our proven data-driven model starts with a comprehensive security and vulnerabilities assessment. From there, we develop a strategy to proactively address your security requirements and then help you identify the best solutions for your organization’s needs.  Our advisory services include areas such as:


  • Security Monitoring and Security Operations Center

  • Incident Response

  • Managed Firewall Solutions

  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Zero Trust Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

  • Real-Time Log Flow Analysis

  • DDoS Mitigation

  • Analytics and Service Control

  • Security Awareness


Reach out today to schedule a no-obligation, free assessment, and strategy discussion. 

Cyber Security

Is your business contemplating how to leverage IoT?  Have you implemented IoT and now need to align the operational improvements to the business outcomes?


  • In 2021 there were more than 10 billion IoT devices

  • By 2030 it is estimated that there will be 25 billion IoT devices 

  • The economic value is estimated to reach $4-11 trillion by 2025

  • Amount of data generated by IoT will reach 73 ZB (zettabytes) by 2025


What’s driving this?


  • IoT cost has decreased with better technology

  • Opportunity to improve the customer experience 

  • Improve productivity

  • Mitigate risk & improve security

  • Gain insight into the business and operations

  • Lower operating costs


There are many applications for IoT such as:

  • Logistics & fleet management 

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Connected buildings and building security

  • Supply chain management 

  • Agricultural, commercial, industrial, and retail management & operations 


The internet of things is exploding, the applications are limitless; your competition has either started or they are planning an IoT strategy.  


At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, our team of solution architects will help you design, evaluate and align the right strategy and partners to meet your unique requirements and drive business impact faster. 


Reach out today to schedule a discussion around leveraging IoT to drive more value for your business.  


As pressure increases on existing IT teams, mobility management often ends up last on the list. The reality is that handling complex logistics, deployments, configuration, and ongoing support for mobility requires time and skills that are in short supply.


The t2BEXPERTS, powered by Bridgepointe Technologies Mobility Management team gives you industry-leading expertise to help you design, vet, evaluate and properly manage mobility plans, devices and support to minimize spend and maximize availability.  With a focus on ensuring a high user experience, while also reducing overall mobility spend, our team will simplify and streamline the process from sourcing to optimization to implementation and on-going management.  


Reach out today for a no-obligation, free evaluation of your mobility environment to determine what  optimization opportunities are available for you.


As you implement more technology across your organization, the potential for costly mistakes (such as misallocated GL codes) or paying for duplicate services rises exponentially.


Typically, IT and accounting teams are overloaded or don’t know what to look for, so these small inefficiencies and errors hidden inside complex invoices end up costing your company thousands of dollars per year.


At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, our Telecom Expense, Inventory and Lifecycle Management services track expenses and inventory more efficiently, increase team productivity, and eliminate inefficient processes. We help our clients reduce resource strain, identify, and eliminate waste, optimize spend and give you the intelligence you need to make proactive and strategic technology choices for the business.


While most TEM solutions are simply a software tool, at t2B EXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, we leverage a number of industry leading software tools based on our clients unique requirements and then layer on our in-house team of experts to make sense of it all, creating a fully outsourced solution.  We give you the visibility you need and deliver actionable data and recommendations on an on-going monthly basis. 


Every step of the way, we work closely with your IT and accounting teams to give them everything needed to better manage your technology environment. Our fully managed service integrates with multiple major Accounts Payable applications and provides reporting that’s customized to your requirements.


Reach out today for a no-obligation, free evaluation to explore how our TEM solutions can help you deliver even more value across your organization.


Managed IT solutions help to reduce costs and create efficiencies so you’re able to meet business goals, as well as have the power to improve the quality of service, reduce risk and drive transformation across your organization.


At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, our industry leading solution specialists know exactly how critical the productivity and efficiency of your tech stack is, the considerations around remote work, as well as the pressure you are under to deliver value in the C-suite.


Our team will help you navigate the ever-changing IT landscape, helping you design and vet a strategy-driven approach to planning and procurement for your managed service initiatives.  As your partner and guide, we will help you accelerate time to value and help you improve your ROI on any technology investments.  


Reach out today to discuss your Managed IT needs and strategy with our team of agnostic specialists.    


If you are considering implementing software as a service (SaaS) there are several important points to consider.   Is your goal to be more efficient?  To reduce cost?  To drive collaboration?  To free up resources to allow your team focus on the core business?  


At t2BEXPERTS, powered by BridgePointe Technologies, our team of agnostic, solution architects will ask the right questions to uncover your key business drivers.  SaaS brings many business benefits from enhancing customer experiences to attracting new customers. 


SaaS has many advantages:


  • Ease of scalability and flexibility

  • Simplified installation and on-going updates

  • Universal access

  • Opex vs Capex (can be more cost effective)


Cloud-based applications are exploding.  In 2023 the SaaS market is projected to be $197 billion with estimates to grow to $232 billion by 2024.  There are a number of considerations our team can help you navigate such as:

  • Often not customizable 

  • Control

  • Latency (slower speed)

  • Security

  • Service level agreements

  • What happens when the provider fails to deliver?

  • Training

  • Internal support SG&A vs MSP

  • Terms and conditions


Reach out today to discuss charting the right SaaS strategy for your business with our team of agnostic specialists.


As technology rapidly evolves so does the volatility of its cost and value.  As a technology leader, you need 100% confidence that you’ve run an exhaustive procurement process to get the best pricing and contract terms possible, yet your team should be focused on more important business driving priorities. 


For over 7 years, we’ve been helping some of the largest clients quickly find clarity in the chaotic technology marketplace, bridging the gap between technology decision making and business results.  We sit on your side of the table and act as your force multiplier and guide.  


Through our proven, data-driven process, unrivaled insider insight, team of agnostic, industry leading solution architects and real time knowledge of the marketplace, our clients average 31% savings and implementations that are 3 – 5 months faster. 


We are experts at reducing the burden of vetting complex technical requirements, vendors, and solutions.  We negotiate the best pricing and contractual terms for our clients.  Our business acumen that comes from years of experience on both sides of the table enable us to deliver the kind of documentation our clients need to evaluate, validate, and justify sound technology decisions for the business.  

Any strategic sourcing project can be “done for you” or “done with you” and may include:  


  • Contract Reviews 

  • Strategy and Desired Goals 

  • Optimization Evaluations

  • Customized RFx/RFP

  • Bid and Vendor Coordination

  • Rate and Terms Negotiation

  • Benchmarking and RFP Management

  • Summary and Presentation 

  • Strength & Weakness Reporting

  • Business Justification Documentation

  • ROI 


Our Strategic Advisory services span across our entire technology portfolio.  Our services also include for-hire CXO contract work.  

Reach out today to start the conversation.  

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